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Your business. Broadcasted.

Authentic products without the glitzy price tag

Little Epic’s no-nonsense productions keep costs down while our ongoing support maximises results.

Our ROI-focussed approach means we’re always trying to help your video pay for itself as quickly as possible.

Whatever your budget, every Little Epic comes packed with content, oodles of customer service and flexible payment options.

Because your video will be unique, we can’t quote you without hearing about your business first. But a friendly chat with us is always absolutely free.


Sharp shooters focus on your business image

Chocks away! Video for business is taking off.

The Little Epic aerial drone brings a whole new meaning to in-flight movies...and photography of course.

Our UFO – Unlimited Filming Object – combines state-of-the-art drone technology with HD filming equipment, all directed and managed by a licensed camera pilot for a spectacular perspective of your work.

Contact us about hire or to find out how our UFO specialists can make your project out of this world.


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When it comes to promoting your business, you’ve already written the script.

Little Epic is an award-winning team of journalists and documentary filmmakers, expert in turning real life into compelling content.

We don’t believe you need animation or special effects to make your business look great. We say you’ve got plenty of content worth showing off already – in your staff, customers, products, skills, service – all just waiting to be showcased.

Little Epic photographers and videographers get to the heart of what you do best to deliver authentic footage you can be proud of.

We work nationally with businesses and public sector organisations, as well as PR and marketing agency partners.


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